farewell to griffin park

after 57 years since 1963 a chance to say a final farewell to griffin park we were fortunate to be on what was the last fans tour so here are some photos with a few memories it is still strange to think that i will not be going there again

where it all began for me in 1963
one of the entrances to the paddock
one of the four proper floodlights towering over the ground
braemar road not an exciting street by itself but leading to the best football club in the world
the main stand where i first used to sit57 years ago
it was rare that fans were ever allowed on the pitch perhaps only promotion celebrations but on our final visit which was the final tour of griffin parkie were allowed on the pitch briefly one of my daughters enjoying her experience
over the years new things emerged in brentford like tall blocks of flats and mobile phone masts on the floodlights
having a sign like this with first aid signed at the refreshments is very brentford i dread to think how many brentford burgers i have survived but were actually fine if the truth was toads were the pies and pasties even if the pasties were seemingly triple cooked for a football ground the food was fine
i used to sometimes stand on the ealing road terraced this reminds me of the view before i nice modern roof was added
the last place i watched from was the new road stand after the rerracing was replaced by shiny seats the walk down these steps brought us to our seats
i will not miss the huge red metal pillars behind which so much action took place the NEW ROAD STAND
ealing road stand
this was the final photo i took of the ground trying to capture some of the atmosphere of this great ground i did not want to leave and seemingly neither did the rain filled clouds hovering next to the floodlights one last time
this was the final walk out of the ground from behind the main braemar road stand
as A CHILD I stood on the old brook road huge sweeping terrace and this was my view sort of
goodbye ground
the braemar road posh seats
the clouds gather to wave farewell
london pride one of the main sponsors from FULLERS brewery
the wooden corner benches rarely full
how brentford has changed in my 57 years rows of coronation style terraced houses replaced by formidable high rise developments
a sad floodlight
new road

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